Learning Eye

About the Learning Eye Team

Learning Eye was created and designed to help learners of all kinds identify new study techniques and refine their skills so they can achieve their academic goals! Learning Eye is a two-person team dedicated to providing you with helpful information.

The minds behind Learning Eye are:

Thomas E. Johnson

Thomas is a librarian from Providence, Rhode Island, where he also heads a tutoring program for high school students and community college students. He's very proud of all of the students he's watched practice their study skills and achieve their goals. Thomas has a particular interest in American history, and in his free time, he loves going on hikes and exploring museums and historical sites. He spends his summers traveling New England to camp with his family.

Jennifer Nelson

Jennifer is a math teacher from Portland, Maine. She knows that for many students, math isn't fun, but she found that the greatest joy in teaching is finding ways to make math fun and celebrating the success of her students when they finally have that "light bulb moment." Jennifer brings ten years of teaching experience to Learning Eye. She loves exploring Maine's beaches and fishing with her husband and dog.